The 5 Best Modifications for your 4WD

Are you planning a road trip with your four-wheel drive this summer? Maybe you’ve just purchased a new off-road vehicle and you want to modify it to suit your requirements? There are literally thousands of potential modifications you could make to your four-wheel drive to improve its off-road capability, towing or load-carrying potential and long-distance touring ability. Here are the top-five items you should consider:

Brake Pads


One of the most critical components in a vehicle that is vital to its on and off-road performance is also the cheapest! A fresh set of brake pads for your four-wheel drive will improve its braking performance which is particularly important on long country drives when the vehicle is carrying additional cargo, increasing its overall weight and emergency stopping distances.


A performance four-wheel drive brake pad such as Pedders TrakRyder eXtreme Brake Pads will provide a noticeable improvement in braking performance. A fresh set of pads will also give you peace of mind that one of the most critical components in your braking system is in good working order.

Worried your brakes are not working as well as they should? Chat with our team to find our nearest partner. We also offer additional brake system upgrade kits, including brake rotors, calipers and rear drum to disc conversion kits for a range of popular 4x4s and Utes.



It sounds obvious but your tyres are the only thing connecting your four-wheel drive to the road, so it’s important they are in good condition with plenty of tread. It’s also key that your tyres are appropriate for the type of driving you are doing. For example, a set of big mud tyres are great for tackling treacherous off-road tracks, but they are not appropriate for a long-distance road trip towing a caravan!

Also consider getting a wheel alignment service, as wheels that are out of alignment result in uneven tyre wear and other vehicle handling issues.

Choose your tyres wisely and keep in mind how you plan on using your vehicle. If you aren’t sure what tyres you need, speak to an expert!

Lift Kit


Now we’re getting to the fun stuff! A lift kit is a common 4×4 upgrade that is used to improve off-road capability, increase ground clearance and level out the ride of a vehicle that is used for towing or load-carrying.


At Pedders we’re specialists in the field and from our 70-plus years of experience working on vehicle suspension, we know that one size does not fit all! When considering a lift kit for your four-wheel drive it’s important to consider how much weight the vehicle typically carries as this will effect the stiffness of the springs used. Generally speaking; the heavier the load, the stiffer the springs – this is why Pedders technicians always discuss with the customer how they typically use their vehicles and what they want to achieve with a lift kit.

Lift kits can also cause issues with wheel alignment so it’s important to consider whether your vehicle also needs aftermarket control arms and steering components to restore its wheel alignment to the required specifications after raising its ride height. Speak to a Pedders expert today and get the right lift kit for your vehicle.

GVM+ Upgrade


If you carry heavy loads with your 4×4, then a Pedders GVM+ upgrade is the ideal solution for you. GVM or Gross Vehicle Mass is your 4×4’s maximum legal combined weight of the vehicle, its passengers and any cargo or fixed accessories. A GVM+ upgrade increases this maximum weight limit, allowing the vehicle to carry additional weight safely and legally.


A GVM+ upgrade takes a wholistic approach to increasing your vehicle’s total load-carrying capacity and in most cases includes upgraded suspension and brake components.

GVM+ upgrades are perfect for 4×4 enthusiasts that have heavy aftermarket accessories fitted to their vehicles such as bullbars, winches, canopies and other items that add weight to the vehicle and ultimately reduce its capacity to carry cargo.

GVM+ upgrades are government-certified, and when a GVM+ upgrade is completed a new GVM certification plaque will be added to the vehicle to show that it is legal and compliant. GVM+ upgrades are available for most popular 4×4 and Ute models, click here for more information.

Unsure if your vehicle has exceeded its Gros Vehicle Mass limit? Talk to the team!

TrakRyder eXtreme Coilovers


Pedders TrakRyder eXtreme Coilovers are our most advanced level of four-wheel drive suspension upgrade. TrakRyder eXtreme is designed for hardcore four-wheel drive enthusiasts that want the highest level of control and adjustability from their suspension setup. TrakRyder eXtreme Coilovers offer smooth on-road feel and eXtreme off-road handling!


While this suspension is tailored to the hardcore 4×4 enthusiast, its adjustability means it can also handle towing, load-carrying and every-day driving. This suspension offers adjustable compression and rebound damping at the click of a button and the remote canister design provides maximum oil capacity and enhanced cooling efficiency.

TrakRyder eXtreme Coilovers are the ultimate 4×4 upgrade!

Upgrading your four-wheel drive?


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